Word of the Week: Motif

September 30, 2014

BookCover_AnAmericanStyleAs in:  “In contrast to Spinden’s detailed analysis of individual motifs, Wissler spoke more broadly….”

Tartsinis, A. M. (2013). An American Style: Global sources for New York textile and fashion design 1915-1928.  New York, NY: Bard Graduate Center, p. 39.

For definitions of motif see the Oxford English Dictionary and the Credo Reference e-book collection.

Word of the Week: Glossolalia

September 22, 2014

As in: “The means by which colonial writers were able to render Native people silent in accounts such as these is intimately related to the disavowal of Native languages as meaningless, or glossolalia.”


Stratton, B. J. (2013). Buried in shades of night: Contested voices, Indian captivity, and the legacy of King Philip’s war. Tucson: University of Arizona Press p.38.

Helpful Hint: How To Find A Book On The Shelf

September 18, 2014

Helpful Hint

Reading a Call Number

Each book in the library has a unique call number. A call number is like an address: it tells us where the book is located in the library. Call numbers appear on the spine of books, bound periodicals, etc.  Emmanuel College uses the Library of Congress Classification for call numbers. This system uses a combination of letters and numbers to arrange materials by subjects.


Read a call number by sections, line-by-line: 

The first line may begin with one, two, or three letters, read alphabetically:


The second line is made of a number that may have one or more digits. This line is read numerically, as a whole number:

ND 987
ND 1001

The third line is the trickiest part of the call number!  The letter is shelved alphabetically, and the number following the letter is treated as if it were preceded by a decimal:

N 3526 .B69 1999
N 3526 .C22 1999

Since the numbers of the third line are read as decimal numbers, these examples are in correct call number order:

NB413 .P441 1997
NB413 .P68 1997
NB413 .P7 1997
NB413 .P754 1997

This makes sense if you read the numbers as decimals!


The final lines of the call numbers may include dates, volume indicators, issue numbers, copy numbers, and other annotations. These annotations are read after the call number.

Check out the FAQ page on the Library’s website for more information on reading call numbers.


The Sr. Janet Presidential Inauguration Exhibit

September 15, 2014


Join the Library in celebrating Sr. Janet’s 35 years of service to Emmanuel College.  View the 1979 Presidential Inauguration Exhibit in person in the Library’s Main Reading Room or online at http://library.emmanuel.edu/ARCHIVE/content/1979-presidential-inauguration-exhibit-sr-janet-eisner-snd

New ebrary reader

September 11, 2014

Ebrary’s new online reader interface:

  1. Supported browsers and tablets
    Windows 7, 8, 8.1
    OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and 10.9 (Mavericks)
    Chrome – latest version
    IE – 9,10,11
    Safari- latest 2 versions
    Firefox- latest 2 versions
  2. User permissions are stated on the detail page – varies by publisher
  3. Can share a link to the whole book or if on a page, can share a link to that specific page.
  4. Cite book – Refworks is an option.
  5. NORMALIZED page numbers – e-version aligns with print version
  6. Downloading: pop-up gives option of downloading to laptop, apple device, or android.
    For desktop and laptop still need Adobe Digital Editions. Only need Adobe ID if you want to transfer book from laptop to iphone/ipad. Do not need an Adobe ID to download and use book exclusively on laptop
    Apple or Android devices use Bluefire app for downloads and reading
  7. Can bookmark pages
  8. Bookshelf – the same as the previous version
  9. Star icon on left brings up Annotations pane- brings up notes/annotations for book you are in.

TRAINING:  Lib Guides http://Proquest.libguides.com/ebrary

YouTube ebrary training videos – 1 min to 1 1/2 min videos

Welcome Home…to Boston!

September 11, 2014

Check out the Library’s 2nd floor book display:



Religious festive practices in Boston’s North End

 Two centuries of faith

 As if an enemy’s country

 Highway to the past

 Inventing the Charles River

 Boston, inspirational women


 Gaining Ground

Good city

 Boston A-Z

 Athens of America

 Eden on the Charles

 City so Grand

 Boston cosmopolitans

 Boston’s Fenway

 Sarah’s Long Walk

 Remaking Boston

 Boston Marathon

Isabella Stewart Gardner and Fenway Court

 Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Makers of Trinity Church in the city of Boston

 Healing landscape

 Children’s Hospital Boston

 Culture Club

 Big Papi

 Faithful to Fenway

 Red Sox Nation

 Gardner heist 

Given Day 

Spiritual traveler 

Boston sites and insights


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