Word of the Week: Eponymous

February 3, 2015

As in:  “The Dutch East India Company, founded in 1602, and its eponymous English imitator were the first true capitalist corporations, with their equity capital divided into tradable shares paying cash dividends at the discretion of their directors.”Book Cover: Civilization by Niall Ferguson

Ferguson, N. (2011). Civilization: The West and the rest. New York: Penguin Press, p.38.

Word of the Week: Irony

January 13, 2015

Book Cover The Other Blacklist: The African American Literacy and Cultural Left of the 1950sAs in:  “Langston Hughes spoke on ‘Writers: Black and White’ with a double-voiced irony and barely concealed bitterness that distanced him from his former militancy, perhaps the result of his earlier shakedown by McCarthy.”

Washington, M. H. (2014). The other blacklist: The African American literary and cultural left of the 1950s.  New York, NY: Columbia University Press, p. 241.

For more about irony see the Oxford English Dictionary and the Credo Reference e-book collection.

Holiday Greetings

December 18, 2014

Final Card

Library Quiet Hours during Reading Day and Final Exams

December 8, 2014

For Reading Day and final exams,
the Library is reserved for silent study only.

Please be considerate of your fellow students and refrain from talking or whispering.  Conversations in the Library lobby carry over into the Reading Room.  Please be mindful and quiet in the Lobby.

Need to study in a group?

  • Two study rooms are available on the Library lower level; they may be booked for two hours at a time. Check at the Reference or Circulation desk for availability.
  • Speak with Security about opening classrooms in other buildings.

Please let a Library staff member know if you are being disturbed by noise.

Thank you for helping us to keep the Library an effective study space.

Good luck with finals!

Word of the Week: Verisimilitude

December 8, 2014

As in: “The stages of neither Noh nor Our Town are designed with verisimilitude in mind.”BookCover_Thornton_Wilder

Mizutani, H. (2013). The Japanese reception of Our Town in 1941: Premodernism and Thornton Wilder. In J. R. Bryer & L. Konkle (Eds.), Thornton Wilder: New perspectives (pp. 400-427). Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press, p.410.

A Christmas Book Display

December 4, 2014

A Christmas Book Display poster Christmas display booklist_Page_1 Christmas display booklist_Page_2


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