December 7, 1941: “A Date That Will Live in Infamy”

December 7, 2016

Seventy-Five Years Ago Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, an act that brought the  US into the Second World War. To hear President Roosevelt’s speech to Congress, click below.

Word of the Week: Frieze

December 5, 2016

bookcover_snowAs in: ”As he gazed at the grand old buildings on either side, admiring their handsome doors, their generously proportioned eaves, their beautiful friezes, and their dignified but timeworn facades, Ka had a strong sense of the people (Armenians who traded in Tiflis? Ottoman pashas who collected taxes from the dairies?) who had once led happy, peaceful, even colorful lives here” (Pamuk, 2005, p.141).

Pamuk, O. (2005). Snow. New York: Vintage Books.

Oscar Mike Movie Fundraiser

December 2, 2016

Oscar Mike Movie Fundraiser in the Muddy River Café on Saturday @1pm @ec_rha


“US National Archives Animated GIF: Racing.” United States National Archives and Records Administration. Accessed: December 2, 2016.

Songs of the Library Staff: Student Desk Attendants

December 1, 2016

Sam Walter Foss (1858–1911) was a journalist, poet, and librarian (at the Somerville Public Library in Massachusetts) who, in 1906, wrote a series of poems that were delivered at an American Library Association conference that was held at Narragansett Pier, Rhode Island. The poems were collectively called The Song of the Library Staff. The poems, which described some functions that occur in a repository of knowledge, were eventually published as a single volume. The following is the last in a series of poems that will be circulated through the fall semester.

Be sure to say hello to the Cardinal Cushing Library Student Workers and feel free to ask for help.


See the gleeful Desk Attendants ever dealing while they can The un-inspected canned beef of the intellect of man; Dealing out the brains of sages and the poet’s heart divine (Receiving for said poet’s heart ofttimes a two-cent fine); Serene amid the tumult for new novels manifold— For new novels out this afternoon but thirty minutes old;—Calm and cool amid the tumult see the Desk Attendant stand With contentment on her features and a date- stamp in her hand. As they feed beasts at the circus to appease their hungering rage, So she throws this man a poet and she drops that man a sage, And her wild beasts growl in fury when they do not like her meat,—When the sage is tough and fibrous and the bard not over-sweet; And some retire in frenzy, lashing wrathfully about, When the intellectual spare-rib that they most affect is out. But she feeds ’em, and she leads ’em and be- guiles ’em with sweet guile, And wounds ’em with her two-cent fine and heals ’em with her smile. Oh, the gleesome Desk Attendant—who shall estimate her glee? Get some mightier bard to sing it—’tis a theme too big for me!


Image by: Merle Johnson

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Mr. Rogers’ Wisdom

November 30, 2016

“The greatest gift you ever give is your honest self.” -Fred Rogers #wednesdaywisdom


Image available in the Creative Commons



Word of the Week: Recalcitrant

November 28, 2016

As in: “These incursions into the age-old recalcitrant power structures of science, market, and governance are no small victories for the AIDS movement” (Chan, 2015, p.257).

Chan, J. (2015). Politics in the corridor of dying: AIDS activism and global health governance. Retrieved from

Boston School Busing Desegregation Documents Now Available

November 28, 2016

Boston school busing desegregation documents now available through the National Archives DocsTeach website and the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA).


Image from: the Digital Public Library of America