Word of the Week: Effervescence

October 5, 2015

Book Cover: Che GuevaraAs in: “In the early fifties, Mexico City still retained some of the political and artistic effervescence that had peaked in the thirties and forties (Anderson, 1997, p. 160).”

Anderson, J. L. (1997). Che Guevara: A revolutionary life. New York: Grove Press.

Word of the Week: Pique

September 28, 2015

As in:  “The decision to move . . . to a land where he had no family, allies, or friends was motivated by something other than pique.”Book Cover: The Swerve

Greenblatt, S. (2012). The Swerve: How the world became modern.  New York, NY: W. W. Norton, p. 206.

For the various definitions of pique see the Oxford English Dictionary and Credo Reference collection of reference e-books.

Word of the Week: Homilies

September 21, 2015

As in: “Bergoglio developed three theological themes in his homilies, writings and pastoral ministry: the nation, the poor Book Cover - Pope Francis: His life and thoughtwithin the nation, and ‘others’ within the nation – including Christians of other denominations, Jews, Muslims, people of other faiths and those of no religion  (Aguilar, 2014, p. 178).

Aguilar, M. I. (2014). Pope Francis: His life and thought.  Cambridge: Lutterworth Press.

Word of the Week: Tomfoolery

September 8, 2015

As in: “The cadence had begun, the subtle, wonderful dance of Mark Twain’s tomfoolery, as emptied of wasted gesture as Kabuki (Levy, 2015, p. 10).” Book Cover: Huck Finn's America

Levy, A. (2015). Huck Finn’s America: Mark Twain and the era that shaped his masterpiece. New York: Simon & Schuster.

For definitions of tomfoolery, consult the Oxford English Dictionary.

To learn more about the Mark Twain, consult Gale Biography in Context.

Register for a Library barcode at the Circulation Desk

September 3, 2015


Welcome to the Library

September 2, 2015

Come see all the resource “paws”abilities. (Library Hours)

Moose visits the Library and Librarians

Moose visits the Library and Librarians

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