Word of the Week – Perfunctory

As in: “Although he and Beaumont visited [Andrew] Jackson in the White House – the president, preparing for what would prove to be a grueling and eventful re-election year, granted them a perfunctory half-hour interview – Tocqueville failed utterly to comprehend Jackson’s political charisma and recycled standard anti-Jacksonian propaganda as fact.”

Wilentz, Sean. “Discovering Tocqueville.” The American Prospect 21.3 (2010): 51. Academic OneFile. Web. 17 March 2010. [Review of Tocqueville’s Discovery of America by Leo Damrosch.]

Explore definitions at the library’s E-Ready Reference Resources site using the Dictionaries listed:

Locate basic biographical information about Alexis De Tocqueville, Andrew Jackson and others from the Biography Resource Center accessible from the Library’s home page; follow the ‘E-Ready Reference Resources’ link, then the ‘Biographies’ link.

Context and full text of Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America on the University of Virginia’s American Studies website: http://xroads.virginia.edu/~HYPER/DETOC/

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