Celebrate Diversity with The Rainbow Connection

Please join Emmanuel College’s student organization, The Rainbow Connection, in celebrating diversity!  The group meets bi-weekly on Wednesdays @ 6:30pm in St. Joe’s Basement.

Rainbow Connection is Emmanuel College’s gay-straight alliance club. We work to create and maintain a safe where people can express themselves in discussions pertaining to the LGBTQ+ community and where they can have fun. Our club is inclusive of all sexual orientations and gender.

Please see the flyers around campus about our upcoming
“Out and Proud Week”!

Contact info
Jaclyn DiNoia (President): dinoija@emmanuel.edu
Erica Richardson (Vice President): richaer@emmanuel.edu
Kerri Bovell (Secretary): bovelke@emmanuel.edu
DaJavon Davis (Treasurer): davisda3@emmanuel.edu
Brian Westerlind (Public Relations): westerlindb@emmanuel.edu

Come and visit the Rainbow Connection’s book display, located on the Library’s second floor in the Browsing section.  Additionally, you may find more print and e-books using the Library Flickr and online catalog search. 


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