Haiku in the Library

New Haiku Theme

We hope you’re enjoying our Box of Haiku!

The word pattern is 5-7-5
First line= 5 syllables
Second line= 7 syllables
Third line= 5 syllables

  • Submit here or in the box on the Library mezzanine.
  • Add your name/email if you wish, or leave it anonymous.
  • Here’s an example for you:

    Snow is almost gone
    Can’t wait for some barefoot fun
    Just a few more weeks

    Each week we’ll highlight some of our favorites.


    Spring Fever


    One Response to Haiku in the Library

    1. Anthony Reid says:

      melted snow trickles
      under forsaken snow banks
      cutting them away

      snow’s still piled high
      obscured by a winter’s filth
      and the joy of spring

      A river of hope
      flows in every gutter
      draining off sorrow

      the coming of spring
      is the morning of the year
      the ending of night

      Patience serves us well
      to appreciate the spring
      we must have winter

      A wise man named George
      knowing the way of nature
      sang Here Comes the Sun

      Life’s finest pleasure
      Is the year’s first day of warmth
      Spring is upon us

      Freed from the shackles
      Of winter coats and of gloom
      Our souls are in heat

      Encoded in snow
      Is our despair and sorrow
      Both will melt away

      The crack of the bat
      to fans and non-fans alike
      ushers in the spring

      The coarse charcoal sketch
      is filled in with vibrant hues
      nature comes alive

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