What are you doing this summer?

*Photograph courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons /CubaGallery

The Cardinal Cushing Library Staff would like to help you find library resources that could support your summer endeavors!  So, take a moment and let us know what you will be up to! Perhaps we have the perfect book that could help you have the best summer possible. 

Additionally, we will be gathering titles, based on your feedback, from our circulating collection to put on display upstairs in the Browsing area. 

So, in the comments field below, let us know how we can help you!



4 Responses to What are you doing this summer?

  1. Jose Alves says:

    I will be working here at Emmanuel College as a Housing Assistant.

  2. Frank Pustorino says:

    This summer I am working as an Orientation Leader and will be hopefully traveling down to Florida for a week.

  3. Rose says:

    I am going to spend this summer traveling, going to bermuda, the bahamas, camping for 2 weeks in Great Smoky Mountain National Park and also camping for a week in Acadia National Park.

  4. Brianne Crocker says:

    I am going to be living in Boston and hopefully working at the Cardinal Cushing Library :).

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