Mid-term papers due soon and need to start researching? Read on!

  • Start your research by looking at the Library’s Research Guides on the left side of the Library’s homepage, which are split up by subject, course number, and interests to make searching for electronic and print reference materials easier.
  • If your are starting your research, you may wish to begin with the Multidisciplinary Databases.  To access them, click on Research Guides, then limit to Multidisciplinary Databases. A comprehensive multidisciplinary database to begin your research is Academic Search Premier. You can limit your results in Academic Search Premier to full-text, scholarly (peer reviewed) journals, by publication type, and date published.
    Extra Tip: The Multidisciplinary Databases are good place to start general research and understand your topic. You will, then, progress to subject-specific databases such as those listed under Sociology  or Education. Varying the words in search strings may help bring more relevant results—use synonyms if your first search does not work.
  • Check out the “How do I find articles using the Library’s online databases?” under the Complete FAQs #1 for more information on searching databases and forming search strings, and using databases off campus.
  • Visit the reference librarians in the Reading Room for help with your research, especially phrasing and formatting searches. We love your questions!

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