Toni Morrison Talks Writing

~ “When I said I wrote my first novel because I wanted to read it, I meant it literally.  I had to finish it so that I could read it, and what that gave me, I realize now, was an incredible distance from it, and from what I have learned.  If what I wrote was awful, I would try to make it like the book I wished to read.  I trusted that ability to read in myself.”

~ from Conversations with Toni Morrison , p. 97

For more about why people write—and a variety of related topics!—check out the PEN  American Center, the national affiliate of PEN, an international association of poets, playwrights, essayists, editors and novelists. See the blogs of specific members to learn about their interests and experiences.


Ruas, C. (1994). Toni Morrison. In D. Taylor-Guthrie. (Ed.),  Conversations with Toni Morrison (pp. 93-118). Jackson: University Press of Mississippi. (Reprinted from Conversations with American Writers,  by C. Ruas, p. 215-43, 1984, New York: McGraw Hill)


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