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Gail Mazur


  1. In the opening stanza, the speaker of Mazur’s poem states, “The game of baseball is not a metaphor.”  What do you think of this statement as the poem unfolds? Doesthe speaker keep true to his or her word, or do you think there is some sort of play going on with the word metaphor?
  2. Toward the end of the poem, the speaker does make an allusion to a “scene in anEaster egg.   As we celebrate National Poetry Month in April, the month in which many people most frequently celebrate Easter, what effect does this allusion have on your reading of the poem? In other words, in what ways is a ball park a “scene in an Easter egg”?
  3. Flight is an important theme in this poem. Discuss the ways the theme is introduced and repeated throughout the poem. What does this layering effect have on your understanding and appreciation of the poem?



To celebrate National Poetry Month 2012, the Emmanuel College Library will present poems and discussion questions from Mass Poetry’s second volume of Common Threads, “a celebration of poets and poetry with ties to our great state of Massachusetts.”


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