Writers and reading according to Priscilla Long:

~ “. . . our quintessential tool, is to learn craft from models of virtuoso writing.  We read because we are readers, but we reread because we are writers.  We scrutinize sentences, beginnings, deep structures, ways of bringing characters onstage.”  

~Priscilla Long  (1943 – )
American Writer
(Excerpt from The Writer’s Portable Mentor, p. 7)

For some prize winning writing, see these resources:

  • Film criticism by Wesley Morris of The Boston Globe, 2012 Pulitzer for Criticism (Select the Works tab to see his entries).
  • Creative nonfiction from the three 2010 winners of the Yale School of Nursing Creative Writing awards.  This award was recently renamed the Griswold Special Home Care Creative Writing Awards; an archive of winning entries is available at the Yale School of Nursing site.
  • Science fiction winners are listed on the 2012 Hugo Awards site.


Long, P. (2010).  The writer’s portable mentor: A guide to art, craft and the writing life. Seattle, WA: Wallingford Press.


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