The Emmanuel College Oral Histories Project

Emmanuel Senior class of 1972.  Photo courtesy of the Emmanuel College Library Archives.

The Emmanuel College Oral History Project is a new initiative that endeavors to create a collection of recorded spoken memories from individuals connected to Emmanuel College. It is an on-going project coinciding with the College’s Centennial, and is based at the Emmanuel College Archives and the Cardinal Cushing Library, Emmanuel College, Boston, Massachusetts.

Interviews are being conducted by John P. Healey Jr., the Archives Librarian. College students will provide substantial support to the project through transcription. Project staff expects the interview total to be around 25-50 minutes. Interviewees include alumni, faculty, staff, presidents and students and cover nine decades of firsthand Emmanuel History, providing a rich variety of insights and recollections. Interviewees are encouraged to tell their stories, providing a context for other recollections and the extensive documentary materials in the Emmanuel Archives. That context includes a sense of the time and of the interactions between people involved in the social, economic, educational and administrative history of Emmanuel College.

Each interview will be transcribed and edited. The final transcript will be an accurate reflection of the oral record, with references and corrections to assist later readers. The Archives will retain the sound recording, as well as a paper and electronic copy of the transcript, and these are made available for research purposes.

If you are interested in contributing to the Oral History Project, contact John at 617-264-7606 to schedule an appointment.  The Archives Librarian will also be available during Alumni Weekend to record alumni.  Please look for signs or ask to find his recording location.


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