Tip of the Week! 9/10/12

Are you a new Emmanuel student and need to print? Come to the Library Reading Room!

Step 1: Printing from the Reading Room computers

  • Print your document by selecting “Print” underneath the “File” menu in the toolbar
  • At the login prompt, enter your Emmanuel username and password
  • Select “Print”
  • Go to the print workstation computer in front of each printer
    HINT: Check which printer the computer you’re working at defaults to print to first.

Step 2: Releasing your document(s) from the workstation computers

  • Click on your username once and enter your Emmanuel password
  • Your job(s) will appear at the top of the screen
  • If you want to release all your jobs at once, click the box next to your name. A check mark will appear in the box.
  • Select “Print” at the top of the screen

Please be patient and plan ahead; printing large documents and PDFs may take time. Be aware that your print jobs only stay in queue for an hour before they are automatically erased.

Feel free to stop by the Reference Desk for more printing assistance!

Posted by the Reference Staff


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