Tip of the Week! 9/17/12

LexisNexis Academic Universe is a database featuring sources on current news and business, government/legal, and medical issues. Resources include the Consumer Reports or Standard & Poor’s Corporate Register of Directors and Executives.
To find resources in LexisNexis Academic Universe:

1. Go to Library’s homepage (link to http://library.emmanuel.edu) and choose Full-Text Finder. Type the desired journal title in the search bar (for example, Consumer Reports), then click the red Go button. A new window will appear. Then, select the Full text available via LexisNexis Academic choice.

2. The LexisNexis Academic Universe database will open in a new window. Click on the blue Sources button near the bottom of the left menu bar, then select Find Sources and type the appropriate journal in the keyword box (for example, “Consumer Reports”), then click the blue Find Sources button.

3. In the results screen, click on the box next to Consumer Reports, which puts a check mark in the box and changes the journal title from black to red.  Then, click on the red Ok – Continue button.

4. Finally, type keywords in the Search Terms box, separating terms by Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) or commas (,). Limit by date by using the Specifiy Date drop down menu.

You can also go directly to LexisNexis Academic Universe database.
Go to the Library web site (link) using the A-Z list of Databases link and, then, browse the resources by clicking on the blue Sources button near the bottom of the left menu bar, then selecting  Browse Sources.

Feel free to stop by the Reference Desk with additional questions concerning database searching!


―Posted by the Reference staff


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