Why write?

~ “You believe your writing can be a separate part of your life, but it can’t.  A writer’s writing occurs in the midst of, and by means of, all the materials of life, not just a selected few.”  

~Hayden Carruth (1921-2008)

For related thoughts, see the brief Becoming a Mapbuilder by Danielle Lazarin.  Her piece was submitted to and is accessible at Glimmertrain.com: http://www.glimmertrain.com/b66lazarin.html

After the 2010 Melbourne Writers Festival, Damon Young, Australian writer and philosophy professor talked about why he thinks writers write on The Drum, a four times a week discussion program on ABC News 24: http://www.abc.net.au/unleashed/29872.html

To find out more about Hayden Carruth, visit our Gale Biology in Context database (available from the Quick Resources drop-down menu on the library homepage) and enter his name in the search box. 


Carruth, Hayden.  Reluctantly : Autobiographical Essays.  Port Townsend, WA: Copper Canyon Press, 1998. Google Book Search. Web. 20 September 2012.


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