Word of the Week: Palimpsest

As in: “…in Oxherding Tale, Johnson makes the following assertion about the complexity of human subjectivity: ‘The Self, this perceiving Subject who puffs on and on, is, for all purposes, a palimpsest, interwoven with everything-literally everything-that can be thought or felt’” (as cited in Byrd, 2005, p.2).

Byrd, R. P. (2005). Charles Johnson’s novels: Writing the American palimpsest. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. Retrieved from http://site.ebrary.com/lib/emmanuel/docDetail.action?docID=10132009&p00=palimpsest

The Library’s Credo Reference collection of e-books includes several articles on aspects of palimpsest including in the Dictionary of Visual Discourse: A Dialectical Lexicon of Terms in the entry “Palimpsest”. Credo Reference is a collection of over 590 reference titles covering a variety of disciplines.


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