55th Anniversary of the Death of Emmanuel Alum, Faculty Member Elizabeth Catherine Logan

Elizabeth Logan was born on February 13, 1889 in South Boston to Lawrence and Katherine (O’Connor) Logan and graduated from the Academy of Notre Dame de Namur in 1907, the same school her mother had attended when she was a child.  After graduation Logan spent several years assisting the Tabernacle Society by sewing vestments for missionaries and assisting the Red Cross during the First World War. When Emmanuel College opened in 1919 she enrolled and quickly became a fixture at the College even serving two terms as the President of the Class of 1923, the first to receive degrees from the first Catholic Women’s College in New England.

She returned to Emmanuel and enrolled in the College’s first graduate school (which was closed in 1933) and received a Master of Arts Degree for her studies in English and History; by 1930, at the request of Sr. Katherine Dorothea, she was a faculty member in the English Department. In the Second World War Logan served on the Board of Carney Hospital School of Nursing and treasurer of the 101st Infantry Regiment Auxiliary. She resigned from the Emmanuel College faculty in 1953 and took a position as the College’s executive secretary of alumnae. Elizabeth Logan died on November 3, 1957 at the age of 68.


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