Word of the Week: Ineradicable

As in: “In his finely wrought portrait “Maestro: Leonard Bernstein,” Hersey Felder taps into the ineradicable sadness his Lawrence-born, Harvard-educated subject. . . .”

Aucoin, D. (2012, May 1).  ‘Maestro’ a bittersweet look at life of Leonard Bernstein. The Boston Globe, p. G4.  Retrieved from https://webadvisor.emmanuel.edu:8443/login?url=http://search.proquest.com/docview/1010333032?accountid=10741

Stable (or Ineradicable) URLs vs. Dynamic URLs – why is this important when researching???

Stable URLs enable you to consistently return, day after day, to the resource to which they refer.  A dynamic URL is variable; the item to which it is anchored can change over time.

Note: Stable URLs go by various names, such as: permalinks, persistent links, bookmarks, durable URLs, permanent links, and document URL.
See the FAQ: How do I create a permanent or persistent link to a document in selected Library databases?” (permalink: http://library.emmanuel.edu/sp/subjects/faq.php?faq_id=28) for more information.

Need more information?? Please ask a Reference Librarian.

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