Residence Hall Rules of the 1950s

Lola Murphy shows off a dress to Dolores Urso (left) and Muriel Belanger (right)

Lola Murphy shows off a dress to Dolores Urso (left) and Muriel Belanger (right)

The following are some guidelines that can be found in The Emmanuel Guide for Resident Students (1955-1956). They were written at a time when Emmanuel was an all-women’s school with only one dormitory/student union building, known as Marian Hall.

I. Care of the Building:
1. No picture or other article may be tacked, pinned, pasted, or glued to walls or furniture.
2. Students must be careful to turn off water facets that are not in use. All showers must be finished before 11P.M.
3. Brooms, carpet sweepers, and vacuum cleaners must not be kept in students’ rooms, but should be returned to the corridor closet.
4. Students must see that their rooms are protected from damage by rain, snow, or wind. Windows should be closed when students leave the building.
5. No paper or rubbish of any kind may be thrown from the windows or doors or scattered on any part of the ground.
6. Students will be responsible for the care of their own rooms. Rooms must be in order by 10:00A.M.
7. Damages, defects, or leakages in or about students’ rooms should be reported immediately to the Sister in charge of the hall.
8. Students will pay for all room damages attributed to their fault or negligence.
9. Lights should not be left burning when students are absent from their room.
10. Each student may have one lamp in addition to the permanent light in their room.
11. No irons or electric apparatus are allowed in the students’ rooms. All washing and ironing must be done in the laundry.
12. Students may not use unoccupied rooms nor may they use a student’s room without permission.
13. Food and candy may not be kept in students’ rooms unless in metal containers.

II. Quiet Rules
1. There will be no unnecessary noise in the residence hall during the hours class and evening quiet hours. Hours of quiet in the evening are as follows:
7:00 to 9:00 P.M.
9:30 to 11:00P.M.
2. Lights must be out at 11:00 P.M. unless a student has late permission.
3. Radios should not be heard outside the student’s room. Lack of consideration in this matter will result in the withdrawal of the privilege to use a radio in the room. A fee of five dollars a year will be charged for a radio in a student’s room.

VIII. Telephones
1. All student telephone calls should be placed on student phones and students should give to their relatives and friends the telephone number in Marian Hall. As a courtesy to others, students should avoid making lengthy telephone calls.

Telephone duty should be assigned to Freshmen by the hall president.

IX. Guest Rules
1. Guests must leave the college by 9:30 P.M.
2. No gentlemen except the fathers of students may be taken to the residence corridors
3. Students wishing to entertain guests at the College over night must make all necessary arrangements in advance with the Director of Residence. Such guests must register in the Director’s office when they arrive at the College. The guest fee is $2.00 per night.
4. Students wishing to invite a guest to the dining hall must make arrangements with the person in charge.


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