Word of the Week: Erstwhile

As in: “They named the place Fruitlands. Among the temporary visitors were Isaac Hecker, an erstwhile Brook Farmer, and Jane-Ann Page, who served briefly as tutor for the five children.”

Baker, C. (1996). Emerson among the eccentrics: A group portrait. New York: Viking. p. 220.

· For definitions of erstwhile, search the Oxford English Dictionary  and the General Dictionaries of the Credo Reference resources.


If you’re curious about the content of this quote, please see these resources:

· Explore the Mass Moments web site for an introductions to Fruitlands and Brook Farm, which was a local experiment in communal living. Books on these topics can be found with a keyword search of our online catalog.

· Lovers of Concord’s own Louisa May Alcott, who had lived at Fruitlands, may also want to peruse The Louisa May Alcott Encyclopedia, available through ebrary, Inc.™ .

· Isaac Hecker, mentioned in the quote, went on to found the Paulist Fathers. In downtown Boston, they are on Park Street at the Paulist Center.


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