Tip of the Week: Finding Books in the Library

Leap Frog

The easiest way to find books at Emmanuel College (and the other Schools of the Fenway) is to search the Online Catalog on the library homepage (http://library.emmanuel.edu/)

Use the Basic Search when you know the title or author, or are using a simple keyword.

– In a Title search, remove the initial article (e.g., A, An, The).
For example: Sound and the fury rather than The sound and the fury

– In an Author search, enter the author’s last name and then first name.
For example: Shakespeare, William

Use a Keyword (Advanced) Search (http://endeavor.flo.org/vwebv/searchAdvanced) to broaden and/or limit your results.

– For topics that involve more than one concept, enter search terms for each in a separate textbox.

– Specify the field to search within (e.g., Author). The default option, Keyword anywhere, searches for your term within the author, the title, Library of Congress Subject Headings, and any notes in the item’s record.

– If typing a phrase (such as “art therapy”) in one textbox, change the search from any of these to as a phrase.

To check out your book, take it to the Circulation Desk in the lobby of the library with a current Emmanuel ID.  You will need to register for a barcode prior to checking out the book.


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