Tip of the Week: Doing Research Using Library Resources

Leap Frog

The Research Guides, available on the library homepage (http://library.emmanuel.edu/) under the Library Resources heading, are always a good place to get started when beginning any research project.

To search for articles in Library Databases follow these steps:

– Access either subject-specific or multidisciplinary databases using the Databases by Subject drop-down menu in the center column of the Library  homepage (http://library.emmanuel.edu/), or click on A-Z List of Databases for a complete list of all databases.

Tip: When starting your research, try the Multidisciplinary  databases such as Academic Search Premier, as they cover a wide variety of topics.

– Off-campus users will be prompted to enter their Emmanuel Portal login information for access to the databases.

General Searching Strategies:

– Identify keywords that best describe the different components of your topic.

– Use AND  to search for articles containing more than one concept (note: this   will narrow your results).

– Use OR  to search for articles containing at least one of the search terms entered (note: this will broaden your results).
Tip: Put parentheses around alternative words and quotation marks around phrases.

Example search for finding information on high school science education in the United States: (secondary OR “high school”) AND science AND (education OR curriculum) AND “United States”


– Explore the limiting options such as Published Date and Peer-Reviewed      (See How do I find peer-reviewed articles?).

– Explore  searching for your terms in different field(s), e.g., Author, Title, Subject, and All Text, to see how it will affect your results. If your search returns few or no results,  you might try searching for your terms in All Text.


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