Join the Library in Celebrating National Poetry Month



Who are you?

How did this happen?

Are you a burden…  are you a gift …

I look at you and see my mother’s smile

I look at you and see your grandfather’s frown…a grandfather you will never know

And I morn all that you’ve missed

And I grieve to think of all people you will never know or love…the stories you will never bear witness to

And I cry at your loss…at my loss…


…then, I begin to think of all the new discoveries you will begin to experience

The smell of an approaching rain storm in the spring…

the crunch of freshly picked strawberries from the field behind our house…

the tickle of soft grass being pulverized beneath your tiny toes…

I hear the echo of the past…it is whispering “I love you”…

And I realize that you will be the author of your own story

You will navigate your own path down this winding twisted journey of life. is your claim…the rightful heir.

And I cry…at your gain…at my gain…the world’s gain

I look at you and see your father’s eyes

I look at you and see… you…


…who are you…who…will you become?


(Poem and image courtesy of:  Jennifer Woodall)


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