A Thanksgiving Book Display

Thanksgiving Poster

A Thanksgiving Display Booklist

Title: Handbook of Christian feasts and customs; the year of the Lord in liturgy and folklore.

Title: Catholic spiritual practices : a treasury of old and new / edited by Colleen M. Griffith and Thomas H. Groome..

Title: Massasoit of the Wampanoags; with a brief commentary on Indian character; and sketches of other great chiefs, tribes and nations; also a chapter on Samoset, Squanto and Hobamock, three early native friends of the Plymouth colonists. By Alvin G. Weeks.

Title: Story of the Pilgrim fathers, 1606-1623 A.D. : as told by themselves, their friends, and their enemies / ed. from the original texts by Edward Arber.

Title: William Brewster of the Mayflower; portrait of a Pilgrim.

Title: The Pilgrim Fathers.

Title: The Pilgrims.

Title: Mayflower remembered; a history of the Plymouth Pilgrims.

Title: Pilgrim colony; a history of New Plymouth, 1620-1691.

Title: Women of the Mayflower and women of Plymouth colony, by Ethel J. R. C. Noyes.

Title: Pilgrim reader; the story of the Pilgrims as told by themselves & their contemporaries, friendly & unfriendly.

Title: History of the town of Plymouth, from its first settlement in 1620, to the present time: with a concise history of the aborigines of New England and their wars with the English, &c. With a new introd. by the Rev. Peter Gomes.

Title: Thanksgiving: the biography of an American holiday / James W. Baker.

Title: Art and appetite: American painting, culture and cuisine / edited by Judith A. Barter.

Title: Thanksgiving visitor / Truman Capote.

Title: Eudora Welty : a form of thanks.

Title: Plymouth adventure : a chronicle novel of the voyage of the Mayflower.


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