History Comes Alive: Farm Workers Movement

“American History in Video includes 2,000 total hours of streaming video content. More than half is contemporaneous video from the 1890s to the 1980s. The early newsreels, including the complete series of United Newsreel and Universal Newsreel, available online in their entirety only in this collection, capture history as it was made and reported to viewers of the time.”

This database allows patrons to view both primary and secondary sources that allow them to better understand their topic of study. For instance, it contains a speech by Cesar Chavez, co-founder of the United Farm Workers, on the benefits of Non-violence (see the video here).  The goal of the united farm workers was to improve the conditions in the agriculture industry for its workers, most of whom were illiterate Mexican-Americans. The Union fought for the rights of farm workers and singled a greater prominence for Latin-Americans to express themselves.


Image by White House Photographer Pete Souza.

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