Word of the Week: Epistemological

As in: “Augustine explains the Academic position in three steps: first, man is not able tobookcoverhappinessandwisdom have knowledge about those things that pertain to philosophy (quae ad philosophiam pertinent); second, nonetheless, man is able to be wise by seeking (in conquisitone) the truth; the third step and moral implication of the above is that the wise man will not assent to anything—since assenting to what is uncertain, and potentially false, is shameful (nefast est). There is, in other words, both an epistemological and an ethical dimension to the skepticism of the New Academy” (Topping, 2012, p.105).

Topping, R.N.S. (2012). Happiness and wisdom: Augustine’s early theology of education. Washington, D.C.: The Catholic University of America Press.

As the semester begins, the library staff hopes that you’re on your way to both wisdom and happiness!


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