Word of the Week: Onus

As in: “Harassment from police and guards and anger at the sight of imported BookCoverANeedleABobbinstrikebreakers could have accounted for the growing number of violent clashes. But to ensure the onus of violence plagued the strikers, justified employer demands for peace and order, and brought credit to their antiunion position, the Cloak Manufacturers Association and Burns Detective Agency hired a nonunion cutter as a spy and agent provocateur” (Jensen & Davidson, 1984, p.153).

Jensen, J. M. & Davidon, S. (1984). A Spindle, a bobbin, a strike: Women needleworkers in America. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University press.

March is Women’s History Month. In 2017 we are honoring women’s contributions within the labor movement and the business world. You can read more about this year’s celebrations and honorees at the Women’s History Month Website and the Nation Women’s History Project.


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